What do you really know about Vaccines?

"Do you believe everything on the internet?" someone asked me.

"Do you believe everything your government or doctor says without
doing your research?" I replied.

We need to talk...do your research!

I research and wrote this back in 2012 - click here for two recent and better articles by a three medical doctors who supported the same conclusions I came up with below

Here in Santa Barbara, California, you probably seen got mail saying that there is a new rule that all 7th-12th graders are now required to get a whooping cough booster shot (called 'Tdap" before the starting the 2011-12 school year.

My daughter starts 7th grade next year and there no way that I'm going to allow that to happen.

Yes there is a new mandate in your state for the Tdap booster. But there's no mention of exemptions so parents are lead to believe they have no choice. Children must either be vaccinated or use an exemption, also called waiver. California has the religious and philosophical exemption. Here's is the National Vaccines Information Center's link to CA state laws and exemptions. If you need professional assistance with using an exemption, you can contact their exemption expert.

Now vaccines and flu shots are a very controversial subject and very difficult subject for parents - the question is do I allow myself or my children to be vaccinated or some flu shot (i.e. swine flu). More important questions - do they work or what are the risk you are taking.

I had all my children’s vaccination but stop with the 3rd round with my youngest one after I intensively researched the subject. Nothing has happened to my kids (at far as I know) and I think we were lucky. I also don't think it's just vaccine as many of them are overloaded with different vaccines and dangerous preservatives that is causing autism, asthma, etc. It's just one of the many things (i.e. HFCS, food quality, air quality, etc) pushing our immune systems over the edge.

Do you want to read a bunch of non factual articles like "Parents must trust vaccines, experts say" and put your blind faith in vaccines without any doing any research? Or do you watch a video on how Seth Mnookin is offended and repulsed by parents who want to make their own vaccines decisions and thinks that they are total a....oles and neglects to mention that 39 children died following their pertussis containing vaccines last year?

Usually people don't do their research until something bad happens. Take my friend's daughter who was badly injured by the Gardisal vaccines. You can also read first hand accounts of many injuries and death of many these girls on www.truthaboutgardisal.org. This vaccines is STILL allowed in this country even when banned in places like India!

And if vaccines cause no harm, why are there legislation to exempt drug companies from vaccine injury liability? Why did Congress create reporting agencies and has paid over 1.5 billion dollars in compensation? Also keep in mind that if you are injured by vaccines, you cannot sue drug makers (See recent news - Justices rule for drug makers in vaccines dispute)

If you would like to do own research, I can help you here. I have spent countless of hours not just on the Internet, but reading books, journal articles, and talking to to numerous doctors and scientist. I gathered all the best information in one spot to help you become aware of what you need to know before you make any decision on whether to vaccinate yourself or your children.

Now how do I summarize all my reading into a few words for those who don’t want to read much or wade through so many conflicting and difficult articles? I tried to do this as best as I can here. You can go through the information in each of the links I put on the top of the page. I also suggest that you read 'Doctors' Link on this page to hear what many doctors have to say before you talk with your own doctor.


Let start simply with a graph from 5 part series about Measles. The graph below makes a convincing case that measles vaccines work:

Even though I disagree with some of it, I encourage you to read this long article. The writer of this article makes a very convincing case, but there is more to it such as the reporting criteria were changed during that time. Also the above graph only shows data from 1950. If you check the other side in this article Vaccines Did Not Save Us – 2 Centuries of Official Statistics, you'll find a few graphs below already showing a decline in measles death starting from 1900, which was quite awhile before vaccinations. I encourage you to see many more graphs from Child Health Safety or Living Wisdoms website.

Measles Mortality England & Wales 1901 to 1999

USA Measles Mortality Compared to UK 1901 to 1965

It's called data abstraction. Click on graph below on how statistics can be manipulated.

The person who posted that data abstraction figure above also wrote in this article that after several years of extensive survey of vaccination research with both historical records and current research abstracts, books and statistical studies, he discovered the following:

Good studies are few and far between.
Most studies are over too short a period of time to show full results
Most studies ignore systemic effects and toxicology
Most studies are commercially driven and funded.
Most raw data collections are private and not available to the public.

Furthermore, if you look at Scurvy, Typhoid and Scarlet Fever graphs during the same time as comparisons with “vaccination” diseases, you’ll find they decline without any vaccine!

UK Scurvy Mortality Rates 1901 to 1967

As you can see, medicine and especially drugs and vaccines played no part in the fall in Scurvy or Typhoid fever death rates and the same can be seen for other diseases. Scurvy is a condition caused by a lack of vitamin C. Poor nutrition, particularly a lack of fresh fruit and vegetables, can result in Scurvy. Mortality rates fell dramatically as living conditions improved. Typhoid and Scarlet Fever vanished without vaccines but with clean water, better nutrition, sanitation and living conditions.

As I said earlier, I would try to summarize it as best as I can. I know this doesn't endear me to the medical pharmaceutical corporations and government or the folks who want to believe that vaccines are unquestionably safe. If you think I'm scaring you, remember who is scaring you about the Avian Flu and then the Swine Flu and who made billions of dollars from those scares? Finally be sure to check out the VAERS database to see reported reactions to vaccines.

All I ask is for you to keep an open mind and research the information. Free feel to question the information or look for double blinded placebo studies that vaccines or flu shots works (There aren't any and ask yourself why even though it could easily be done). Also definitely check out the links above (especially the Doctors link) before making any decisions for you and your children.

To your Health!


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