My daughter was at school and a nail hit the side of her leg.  It was not a full puncture wound and I made sure we cleaned it with soap and water and then put some silver collodial and antibiotic cream on it.

She was freaking out as everyone at school said to take a tentanus shot or she'll have severe lockjaw problems.  I did my research and showed it to her and told her the choice is hers.   She decided the that it wasn't worth it after presenting her the science (science can be good and bad) and facts.  I've enclosed references below and a few facts and tidbits gleaned from them.

I personally will never take it or recommend it to anyone, but I suggest that you take a hour to read and do your research and make your decision.  You can ask people or doctors who suggest taking it what they know and provide them these links and ask them questions to better understand what they and you know.


  1. Tetanus Shot: How Do We Know That It Works? ~ By Tetyana Obukhanych, PhD (Short version)
  2. Tetanus Shot: How Do We Know That It Works? ~ By Tetyana Obukhanych, PhD (full original version)
  3. What to Do about Tetanus? - Dr. Tom Cowan, MD, (Be sure to scroll down to bottom to read Dr. .Mark Edmond's Follow-up on Tentanus to Dr. Cowan's Article)
  4. 5 Reasons I Won't Get a Tetanus Shot 
  5. Why You Never Need a Tetanus Vaccines, Regardless of Your Age or Location
  6. How I fought Tetanus naturally
  7. Tetanus Vaccines: Turning Logic On Its Head
  8. Tetanus Shot: Just as Bad as Other Vaccinations
Facts and other tibits:
  1. Only 50 case in US per year.  Problem is mostly in 3rd world country among infants who contract from the cutting of umbilical cord with an unsterile instrument.
  2. Incidence of clinical tentatus dropped to very low level before routine vaccination was practiced in this country.
  3. Unavailable as a single shot vaccines.
  4. What if you get a puncture wound from a nail or a staple, have not had the vaccinations, and do not want to take the hypertet? Obviously scrupulous wound care is the first priority. In addition, it makes sense that super nutrition could help your body deal with the toxin should it take hold. That means extra cod liver oil, natural vitamin C, lacto-fermented foods and plenty of bone broths. Avoid stresses after the injury and get plenty of bed rest so your body can devote itself to dealing with the challenge.
  5. Findings actually indicate that 13 percent of cases of tetanus between 1995-1997 had reported that they had received the full primary series of tetanus vaccinations. Admittedly we are talking very small numbers here (roughly a one-in-fifty-million chance per year) and as a result, Dr. Cowan’s statements remain in essence true, especially as 9 percent of those 13 percent had had four or more vaccinations for tetanus—it seems as though those people were probably going to get tetanus no matter how much they were vaccinated. It might seem nit-picky but I believe that integrity and transparency are vital if we are to rise above the rhetoric and propaganda.
  6. When an old medical procedure of unknown effectiveness, such as the tetanus shot, has been the standard of medical care for a long time, finalizing its effectiveness via a modern rigorous placebo-controlled trial is deemed unethical in human research. Therefore, our only hope for the advancement of tetanus care is that further investigation of the ascorbic acid therapy is performed and that this therapy becomes available to tetanus patients around the world, if confirmed effective by rigorous bio-statistical standards.

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