Remember how scary Polio was back in the 1950's and how many people died.

A few things to ponder on first:

1. What is the 10 leading cause of death worldwide? (Source)

2. Why Is Polio With 68 Cases Worldwide A “Global Emergency” But Autism With 1 in 25 Families Affected Not?   (Click on image below or source)

3. 'Did Vaccines Really Eradicate Polio?' and the following articles below will help give you something to think about/  Do you know that "Polio and Acute Flaccid Paralysis" both causes paralysis?  And what are the "Little Known Facts about Poliomyelitis Vaccination"?

4.  Learn about who Jonas Salk is -  Jonas Salk - 'The Story Behind the Story"

5. Ask yourself how many people got polio in the height of the polio epidemic in the US in 1950's from Jonas Salk story and read  more about the "7 Trivia Facts About Polio"

6.  Then compare the above and check out the leading cause of premature death in the EU below. It's the pink dot. Make sure to see what the pink dot represents. Then think about how effective the mind control is, to make people think that something that's actually killing them, is there to save them? Think about that for a second. It's not a conspiracy when the people killing you show you that they're killing you, and you're too stunned to stop volunteering and cheer-leading your own killing.

7. Think about the role of sanitation in the 18th and 19th century.  Read Have you thanks a Plumber today?  Did Vaccines Really Eracidate Polio?

8.  Watch a short 2 minute video called "The Missing Medical School Lectures- Ep01: Polio" that you may have missed in Medical school packed with interesting information guaranteed to help clarify the foggy bits of the amazing Polio story

9.  Yes you've been lied to.  It is NOT unanimous and many Doctors question the efficiency of Polio vaccines.  Watch Dr. Suzanne Humphrey, M.D. talk about it in "Smoke, Mirrors and the "Disappearance of Polio"  You can check out many other doctors who have bravely spoken out here.

10. Check out the latest news about polio that you don't see in the mainstream press. 
11. If above is too much to read, then watch

12. Or read on about How Confusing Is The Truth About Polio? if you don't want to click on the above research

1. Polio is just another word for paralysis. Polio's original name was infantile paralysis. Many separate things, recorded to cause such paralysis, have been documented for thousands of years. Regardless of modality proven to cause such paralysis, all are poisons or a natural break down of the body from malnutrition. (or a combination of the two)

2. The paralysis of the late 1800's attributed to a polio virus was never caused by a virus. It was caused by heavy metal poisoning. A heavy metal based pesticide, purposely sprayed on the food people ate. Information proven and hidden from the public, for a very specific reason.   Pesticides and Polio: A Critique of Scientific Literature - 

3. The reason the polio vaccine was admitted to cause polio was never because of a mishap involving a weakened or live polio virus in the vaccine (because such paralysis was never caused by a virus) but because the polio vaccine purposely included heavy metals, the major cause of such paralysis throughout all recorded history.

4. As with any sort of operation like this....the media, government (government = ruling families) and inept scientists (who are often unaware of world history) coordinate a propaganda barrage upon the uninformed public to have them volunteer for their own state sponsored stealth lobotomization and euthanasia. This is an ancient blue print for how ruling families have always maintained control of a dysfunctional, diseased and dis-empowered slave class. If you're a corrupt and immoral member of the ruling 1%, there's only one way to become greater than the average person.....and that is to purposely make the average person LESS on all accounts. Poisoning is the preferred method of choice. The polio story that the public has been told is a bold faced lie, front to back,...... advertised as truth inside a society built upon such lies.

For more information on the polio con job, which has the exact same components as many other con jobs operating today, see this added link.http://bit.ly/2qtdb1z The public's job is simply to repeat these lies and live out their dis-empowered lives without question or resistance. Millions more everyday are questioning and resisting. Power to the people.

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